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Dharma Malas

In Dharma Malas custom creations primary gemstones may be used to enhance or diminish the effect of a planet on your life according to your birth information.

Malas offer themselves as a perfect vehicle because the length of a male allows for gems to be carefully adjusted in placement and also the number of each particular gem used.

Rather then using one one high carat and supremely expensive primary gemstone we can choose A-grade quality secondary gems at a more reasonable price point that ultimately offer the same benefit.

Placement of gems is also important. Each Dharma Mala is designed to have the most beneficial gems hang at a certain length to affect targeted areas of your body system or chakras if it applies.

We pay close attention to planetary gems that can sit close together (friend relationship) and gems that should not be used in the same setting or touching each other (enemy relationship).

In traditional Jyotisha Jewellery, for example rings or bangles or pendants, only one or two gems at the most are used together in the same setting to avoid these “enemy relationships” or the gems cancelling each other out.

However with using Gems and Rudraksha beads, Sandalwood beads, Tulsi beads or others, your Dharma Mala allows for perfect spacing. The use of these seeds or wood beads, and the pairing or separation of gems allows for the greatest benefit from your Mala.


Dharma Type Malas and The Dharma Line – What’s the Difference?


Dharma Malas

Each Dharma Mala is created for you based on your date, time and place of birth. The gems chosen directly correspond to your birth chart as well as the period you are currently in in your life.

With your Dharma Mala you receive your personal mantra which is found by the position of the Moon in your chart of the time of your birth.

Depending on your requirements you may also receive a planetary mantra to help you remedy ill effects a planet may have on your life during your current time period.

For Dharma Malas only those gems are used that directly correspond to the 7 planets and 2 lunar nodes: Sun, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Moon, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu.


What about the “Spacers”?

Even though we most often to use Rudraksha when creating a Dharma Mala for you, different factors might play a role in selecting not only the right gem(s) for you, but also other beads strung on your personal mala.

Some factors playing into this decision can be your Jyotisha Reading, yourVedic horoscope, and the planetary influence you may find yourself under.

But also your gender, specific concerns that trouble you, and your Ayurvedic Dosha.

For example, in Aromatherapy we use a carrier oil for a specific purpose to give you the most benefit. Coconut oil or Ghee may be chosen to cool the body whereas mustard oil or Sesame oil may be used to stimulate and create heat.

In a similar way we choose just the right bead to go with your Dharma Mala to help increase the beneficial effect of the other gems used.


The Dharma Type Line

Dharma Type Malas are much more general and created based on the physical and mental attributes of the five Dharma Types. Even though these malas are not created based on your birth chart,  they still have a beneficial effect on your body and mind.

Gemstones are chosen specifically to meet the challenges of each of the five Dharma Types.