Quench Your Thirst With Gem Water

You may be familiar with Essential oils for Aromatherapy, Bach flower essences or other plant elixirs, and also gold or silver-water that is used to replenish important minerals in the body. But have you heard of gem elixirs, or gem water?

It’s often the subtle natural frequencies that imbue substances with incredibly beneficial properties. Gem elixirs, similar to plant essences, are made using specific gemstones and a ratio of distilled water and alcohol. Ayurveda often uses gem powders, pastes and distillations in remedies that are taken internally.

A much safer and easier way of using gems in your home wellness kit are gem waters you can easily make yourself. In this post I want to give some examples of gem waters that help to reign in excess Pitta which can wreak havoc during the summer months.


How To Make Gem Water

Gem water | DharmaMalas.comMaking gem water is quite a simple process. Here is what you will need:

  1. Choose the gem stone most appropriate for what you wish to achieve
  2. A very clean container ready, preferable glass, not metal or plastic
  3. Up to 1 litre of Spring water


Here is how you make it:

  • Place your gemstones in the clean glass container
  • Top with Spring water (I like to boil the water and let stand to cool over night)
  • Leave the gems sitting in the water overnight overnight. You may wish to “charge” the gem water by placing the pot or pitcher outside in the sun for a few hours or overnight in the moonlight if it’s a full moon


Many use gemstones for gem water to address a specific purpose. To get your feet wet I suggest to start with gem stones that are cooling, it will make a refreshing summer drink.


Some suggestions for cooling gemstones:


Pearl – Pearl has cooling qualities and is said to have a calming effect on the mind. It is linked the the female reproductive system and fertility and may calm the emotions. Because of it’s cooling nature Pearl is a great gem to use in warmer climates, during summer or with heat- or inflammatory condition. Pearl is associated with the Moon and the feminine and said to increase luster to the skin and beauty in women.


Moonstone – This stone is said to influence the body’s magnetic field, similar to the planet it get’s it’s name from, and have much therapeutic importance. It is used to provide lunar energy and may help relieve anxiety and strengthen the will. Since Moonstone corresponds to the Moon it also has a strong feminine energy.


Emerald – This stone is said to regulate the nervous system and helps to stop nerve pain, calm the mind and help with speech and intelligence. It is also linked to the respiratory system, especially the lungs and is said to energize the breath, promote healing and increase flexibility and adaptability of the mind. Emerald is a harmonizing stone. Emerald is cooling and similar to Aventurine a great stone to use during the summer.


Amethyst – this stone is related to the planet Saturn, it may help focus an overactive mind, calm and cool your thoughts, decrease Pitta and may slightly increase the physical aspects of vata (Wind). It helps to remove heat from the body, remove anger and gain calm and stability of the mind. Amethyst is associated with the Third Eye Chakra.


Fluorite – This stone is said to promote mental focus, concentration and clarity. It may promote learning and creativity and can enhance the benefits of other stones. On a physical level fluorite is linked to detoxification, nerves, inflammatory diseases and many other functions. Depending on the colour of the stone it may haver more specific effects.



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