How To Live Your Dharma

Have you ever woken up in the morning wondering who you are and what you are doing in life? Question what you do for work, the role you play in your relationships and why you keep facing the same challenges over and over? Have you ever wondered what the purpose is of it all, what it all means, and how to live your dharma?

I have. Many times. Things started to make a little more sense when I learned about the five dharma types. Let me explain.

Many of us grow up to follow a certain lead, play a certain role in life that reflects in the career you chose, the friends you surround yourself with, the person you marry and have children with if that’s where life takes you. Quite often your life makes sense the way it is, everything feels right and goes smoothly.

Sometimes none of it feels right and you may feel like you are living someone’s else’s life. Like you have to try way too hard to make things work and nothing happens easily.

This could just be because you are not living your true dharma and are putting your energy into fitting a mould that was never meant to be for you.


How To Live Your Dharma

The big secret that we all find so hard to believe is that life isn’t supposed to be difficult, we are not meant to struggle.

So let’s look at the dharma types. Similar to the operating system on your computer the dharma types provide a framework for your life. You may compare it to the walls of a house and you get to decorate, rearrange, and fill the rooms with all the cool and wonderful things you want in your life.

Some people live happily in a tiki hut with very little attachment, others have a house full of children they care for, the next person may decorate their house with pretty shiny things.

Your dharma type does not define every little detail in your life, but it gives you the structure and guidelines to live by that may help you integrate and live your life to the fullest and avoid the pain and suffering that comes with playing a role that doesn’t fit.


So how do you find your Dharma Type?

One way to find your dharma type is to take the dharma type test.

Another way is to consult your astrological birth chart. See, we all are born into a dharma type, sometimes it’s a close call between two types. To really know which dharma type you are it is best to consider your birth information as well as the life cycle you are currently in. To get this information contact a Vedic Astrologer who is also a Dharma Type Practitioner or book a Dharma Mala package here.

The test result may just give you enough information to help you find yourself and identify with your dharma type or the role you are currently playing.


Is there are more precise way to help me figure out my life?

Another factor to consider when trying to figure out why things might be going a certain way in your life is to look at the planetary period you are in.

Each of the seven planets, Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Mars and Saturn as well as the two lunar nodes, Rahu and Ketu, are active for a specific number of years throughout your life.

Depending on where these planets and lunar nodes are positioned in your chart at the time of your birth, these activated periods can create certain experiences, present opportunities and challenges and ultimately give the platform to grow, concur  and advance to your next phase in life … in this lifetime and lifetimes to come.

Each of these planetary phases are unique in how you experience and live out your dharma.

We all experience challenges in some aspects of our human existence and many of these challenges can be identified by looking closely at your birth chart. Often difficult times can be made easier to navigate just knowing what challenges to expect and that eventually you will be moving though and past an uncomfortable experience.

Knowing your dharma type and planetary placement at the time of your birth can also help to make, often subtle, changes in your life that will shift your experience and identify ways to help remedy and unfortunate situation or accentuate an exceptionally positive situation.

Using tools like gemstones, mantra, meditation, but also other practices like donating time or money to charity, following a physical practice, adjusting lifestyle habits and diet, joining a sangha (community), doing yoga will take a big part in finding peace and joy when navigating through tumultuous times.

Most importantly know who you are in this life and finding your purpose, live your dharma and always do your best!

If you want to find your dharma type click here. Or let me help you navigate your life with more ease and book a consultation.

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