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Mantra Meditation

There is no doubt that meditation has a positive effect on all physical function, the mind and your emotional well being. Studies show again and again how meditation acts on the brain and calms our nervous system.

The practice of meditation has been known for thousands of years and practiced in many cultures around the world. And it takes on a more important role then ever in our modern societies of today.

Studies show that stress is the number one cause of modern disease. Chronic stress that’s usually caused by work, financial problems or issues in relationship and a multitude of other factors causes inflammation in our bodies, can lead to heart attack and other physical ailments. Stress affects our mental health and can lead to irrational and damaging behaviours.

And let’s face it, chronic stress makes us unhappy.

Meditation helps us to still our minds, allow our body and mind to heal. Mantra meditation in particular  is a wonderful way to sit and focus your mind.

A single word or a phrase repeated over and over can become a mantra. You are focusing your mind and energy in a certain direction. Depending on your affirmation or intention this can potentially create positive changes within yourself and your external world.

Where your mind goes

Because of the power of focusing your mind and words on a certain word of intention it is wise to be very aware and careful what thoughts you repeatedly think and sound out loud.

Instead of focusing on defeat or worry try to form a positive statement out if the negative that occupies your mind.

I am broke is not a great statement  to keep focusing your attention on. However, you can create a powerful mantra by simply reframing I am broke to I’m on the way to create financial fulfillment.

This is a powerful way to meditate on intention and with affirmation or mantra.

Sanskrit Mantras in Meditation

Mantras used in Sanskrit are particularly special because of the way the sound and intonation of the Sanskrit syllables create a certain vibration that will eventually affect your internal and external world through regular practice and repetition.

The entire Sanskrit language is designed to that effect which makes Sanskrit mantras especially powerful.

Now this may sound scary or intimidating, however, a Sanskrit mantra can be as simple as the sound vibration at the time of your birth. This is a one-syllable sound that can be easily learned, memorized and used in your daily mantra meditation.

This particular sound is very powerful as there are many thousands of “seed” sounds which makes the one calculated based on your birth-data quite unique.

Using your birth sound in daily meditation might be the easiest and yet one of the most empowering practices to find peace, create calm and find your best self though meditation.

Some mantras are more involved in that they address certain deities and with that are often used for a specific purpose.

We often use mantras dedicated to the Hindu goddess Lakshmi to invoke prosperity and material fortune.

Mantras dedicated to Shiva are used as a daily practice and can be quite advanced using intricate mantras to deal with worldly issues like death, terminal or very serious illness, or bankruptcy.

Sanskrit mantra meditation

There are many books and research on mantras. However, if you wish to address a serious problem it is wise to consult your birth chart to find which mantra might give you the best benefit for the particular life cycle you are going through at the moment of difficulty.

Japa Mala

Traditionally mantras are repeated for a set number of repetitions. This can be as low as 11 repetitions if you feel short of time and still want to meditate on your chosen mantra.

A full practice is to recite the mantra 108 times, the number 108 being a multiple if the sacred number 9 in Vedic sciences.

Typically malas are 108 beads, though you may find half malas that have 54 beads of even bracelet size malas with only 27 or 18 beads.

Dharma Malas are a full 108 beads in length that combine the appropriate gemstone for your Dharma Type or the gems selected for you based on your birth chart.

Imagine the power of practicing mantra meditation with not only your very unique birth mantra but also with a meditation mala customized to the information found in your birth chart.