Dharma Type Malas

Dharma Type Malas are made with select gemstones and Rudraksha beads. They are 108 beads in length plus an additional guru bead. 108 honors the sacred Sanskrit practice of saying a mantra 108 times, it is a multiple of the sacred number 9.

Dharma Type Malas contain gemstones that speak directly to the physical, mental or emotional requirements or challenges of each of the five Dharma Types.

These Malas are designed and created to achieve balance and integration of your Dharma Type. To find the right mala for you take the Dharma Type Quiz.

You may find yourself drawn to another Dharma Types mala, in this case you may wish to go with your intuition as you may be going through another Dharma Types life-cycle and the mala you are attracted to may be just what you need.