Black Onyx Mala

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Black Onyx is a very grounding stone. The Educator Type will benefit from this calming and grounding energy, as will the Outsider Type who can on occasion suffer from anxiety.  This mala may also be beneficial for Outsider Types going through an Educator Period in their life and Outsider Types may be drawn especially to the colour and texture of black onyx combined with Rudraksha.

Black Onyx acts grounding and calming on the root chakra and ayurvedically may help settle a busy Vata constitution.

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Length: 41cm without tassel

Bead-size: Rudraksha 6mm, Black Onyx 5 and 8mm


The Rudraksha Seed is said to help improve concentration and tranquility which makes it a perfect tool for meditation. It is also believed to combat stress, hypertension, depression, have a positive effect on blood pressure and increase the flow of energy in the body. Research has confirmed that Rudraksha beads have electro-magnetic properties which may promote healing.

Black Onyx

This is one of the earliest known gems in the west and is said to bring good feelings, good health, and good luck. Black Onyx is said to be grounding, improve self-confidence and self-realization. On a physical level this stone is linked to having a positive effect on the ears, eyes and the immune system.


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