Your Dharma Mala Package includes the following:

  • Your Dharma Mala booklet
  • Your personal Dharma Mala
  • Your personal Mantra as per your birth information


Each Dharma Mala is created for you based on your date, time and place of birth. The gems chosen directly correspond to your astrological birth chart as well as your current life-cycle.

With your Dharma Mala you receive your personal mantra which is found by the position of the Moon in your chart of the time of your birth.

For Dharma Malas only those gems are used that directly correspond to the 7 planets and 2 lunar nodes: Sun, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Moon, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu.


Will my Dharma Mala look like the ones in the product gallery?

Your personal mala will likely not look like the malas in the shop. Your Dharma Mala is created uniquely for you and no two Dharma Malas will look the same. However, you can let me know of personal preferences in your consultation.


Please also see the Terms And Conditions page and contact me with any pre-purchase questions.


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