Fluorite Mala


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1 in stock


This Fluorites and Rudraksha Mala is made with love and blessed, just like all of our malas. Balancing to the chakras, rejuvenating to the body, and harmonizing to yin/yang – male and female energy.

While this is a mala for everybody, you can’t go wrong, it is particularly useful to the Laborer Type. In Ayurveda it may be used to balance Vata and Pitta conditions such as mental over-activity, inflammation and nervous disorders.

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Length: 38cm – Will hang mid- to lower chest

Bead size: 6mm


The Rudraksha Seed is said to help improve concentration and tranquility which makes it a perfect tool for meditation. It is also believed to combat stress, hypertension, depression, have a positive effect on blood pressure and increase the flow of energy in the body. Research has confirmed that Rudraksha beads have electro-magnetic properties which may promote healing.


Fluorite – This stone is said to promote mental focus, concentration and clarity. It may promote learning and creativity and can enhance the benefits of other stones. On a physical level fluorite is linked to detoxification, nerves, inflammatory diseases and many other functions. Depending on the colour of the stone it may haver more specific effects.


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