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What Are Rudraksha?

The beads used in Dharma Malas alongside the gemstones that correspond to your Dharma Type or your birth chart (calculated as per Vedic Astrolgy) are called Rudraksha beads.

These beads are actually seeds that grow on the Rudraksha tree. The berries are originally deep blue in colour and turn to a black colour when drying. During the drying process the black colour fades to darker and lighter shades of brown.

What is unique about this Rudraksha seed is its surface texture. The seeds surface splits into “faces” when the seed drys. These “faces” are called Mukhi. Typically there one to eight mukhis that are clearly marked by a split line. The most often occurring number of mukhis on a Rudraksha is five, which makes the higher and lower numbered Rudrakshas quite valuable.

rudraksha bead

Indian sadhu wearing rudraksha beads

Legend, based in Hinduism, has it that Lord Siva woke from a 1000 year deep yogic sleep and, upon looking at our earth, shed a tear of compassion. This tear fell onto the ground and a tree grew from it – the Rudraksha tree.

Each of the fallen seeds from the Rudraksha tree represents this tear shed by Lord Siva, which makes the Rudraksha seeds, or beads, sacred.


Japa Mala

Rudraksha are usually used in mala meditation, or japa mala – repeating a certain mantra while letting the beads move through thumb and middle finger of the left hand.

A full mala has 108 beads plus one guru bead. 108 correspond to the sacred number 9 in Vedic sciences. The guru bead is there to end the count after 108. It is said that one may become dizzy without the guru bead breaking the cycle of the mala.

A mala is very similar to a rosary in the way it is used spiritually.


Benefit of Rudraksha

Extensive research has been done on these seeds and it is believed that Rudraksha beads form a protective energetic cocoon around the wearer which gets stronger with wearing it and handling the mala during meditation or japa mala so that the person forms a protective bond with the mala.

Rudraksha is also said to protect the wearer from the ill effects of travel and often changing the place of sleep or positioning of the head during sleep. The bead stores energy and sends out subtle electrical impulses that create vibrations and can have a calming effect on the wearers nervous system. It may help lower blood pressure, increase the wearers concentration and reduce stress overall.

According to some research the aura of a person changes after only a few days of wearing a Rudraksha mala and the chakras get unblocked.

The Rudraksha is the most auspicious and powerful bead on the planet, given to the benefit of mankind by Lord Siva.


Why are there Rudraksha beads in Dharma Malas?

Gemstones are used in your Dharma Mala for specific benefits or remedial reasons, especially when a mala is custom crafted based on your Vedic astrology chart.

These gemstones have a powerful effect on the persons energy field. Sometimes two gemstones might be used in one mala which should not sit too close together for astrological reasons, and yet are important enough to not just omit one gem from the mala crafted for the wearer.

I choose to use Rudraksha beads for two reasons.

  1. The benefit of the Rudraksha itself.
  2. The ability to create a space or buffer between gemstones to allow the gem to shine without impeding on its neighbor gem.


The wearer may form a certain organic bond with the Dharma Mala. Due to the careful selection of gemstones, the infusion of a certain vibration during the creation of the Dharma Mala, the use of Rudraksha beads or other appropriate woods or seeds these personal malas become powerful tools not only for everyday wear but certainly as part of meditation and spiritual practice.