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We are all looking for something – love, validation, success, connection.

What if what we are looking for is already deep within us, has always been there from the moment you are born? A deeper connection with your self and everything there is?

I created the Sacred Sound Jewelry because I too was longing for something deeper. Once I got to know myself better through many years of selfstudy I wanted a reminder, something bringing me back to myself when I felt lost.

Sacred Sound Jewelry comes in two beautiful designs, a Lotus design and Ganesha the Elephant god and remover of obstacles.

Each Sterling Silver pendant has YOUR own Sacred Sound imprinted on the back, the lunar sound vibration that occurred at the exact time of your birth.


Each Sacred Sound pendant is sterling silver. Your pendant is available in a Ganesha design and a Lotus design and comes with a 18″ box-link sterling silver chain.

Your pendant has your Sacred Sound (primordial sound), which is based on the time, date and place of your birth, stamped on the back to connect and anchor you to your true self.

Each necklace comes with 3 gemstone charms also found in your Vedic Astrology birth chart.



When you order your pendant you get to choose which Sacred Sound Pendant you want, the Lotus design or the Ganesha design. Each symbol comes with it’s own meaning, choose the one that speaks to you (or just get both).


The lotus flower is a symbol of fertility, prosperity, beauty, divinity and life. The rise of the lotus from dirty and muddy waters symbolizes achieving spiritual enlightenment and breaking free from basic and limiting impulses.


Ganesha is the elephant god in Hindu mythology, the remover of obstacles, protector of house and home and provider of success in business.
Ganesha is the god we offer our worries to and honour before starting on a new business venture.


Many cultures around the globe are familiar with these sound vibration, the primordial sound, and name a new born baby accordingly. If a baby was born with Pah as her sound she may have been named “Padma”,”Pavarthi” or “Patricia”.

These Sound Consonants are found in your natal chart according to the time, date and place of your birth. For example if you were born in Munich, Germany on September 1st, 1972 at 04:23 pm your sacred Sound would be “Kah”.

Sacred Sound Jewelry - Dharma

Your Sacred Sound is hand-stamped on the back of your pendant and your anchor to yourself, the sound vibration used in mantra will guide you home to yourself, the true you, your perfect soul.


The Sacred Sound Jewelry also comes with three gemstones charms. Each of these gemstones is found in your Vedic Astrology birth chart and carefully calculated to bring into your life the crystalline vibrations of the planets most auspicious and beneficial to you.

Each gemstone charm is carefully chosen to give you the most benefit.

You can wear your pendant just as is without your gemstone charms, or combine it with one, two or all three of your gems – whatever your heart desires!

Sacred Sound Jewelry | DharmaMalas.comThe Planets and their Gems

Sun: Garnet (Rose Quartz, Rhodonite)

Moon: Pearl (Moonstone, Ocean Jasper)

Mars: Carnelian

Jupiter: Citrine (Yellow Calcite)

Mercury: Peridot (Jade, Green Aventurine)

Venus: Clear Quartz (Labradorite)

Saturn: Amethyst (Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite)

Usually a person has 1-3 gemstones that are beneficial. Your Sacred Sound Pendant comes with the 3 best gemstone charms for you.

As you can see, each Sacred Sound pendant is completely and entirely unique to you, no two sets will ever be the same.

Your jewelry is handcrafted just for you!

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Good Karma happens when many benefit. Introducing the Mule Jewels – Jail Project

All Sacred Sound sterling silver pendants are handcrafted as part of the Mule Jewels project. The jail project will benefit in getting a new order for these custom made pendants that will fund further training, tools and inventory.

In conjunction with inmate Si Yi Chen (Bali Nine), YIN has established and is running the MULE JEWELS project, a rehabilitative silver making program inside the notorious Kerobokan jail in southern Bali. The goal of the program is threefold. First, to offer inmates a trade skill that they are able to use upon release to get a good job (skilled silversmiths are paid well and highly sought after in Bali). Secondly, to keep inmates out of the blocks (overcrowded rooms where they sleep) where trouble is often brewing and give them something constructive and therapeutic to work with, staying off drugs and help them establish a sense of self. Third, the program also offers those involved a well needed nutritious hot lunch.

The designs are a reflection of Si Yi’s devotion and practice of Taoism. All proceeds from sales of MULE JEWELS jewelry goes back into buying more silver and tools, to keep this important program running.

Sacred Sound Jewelry - Mule Jewels Project
Sacred Sound Jewelry - Mule Jewels Project