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The Merchant


You are a MERCHANT type. The Merchant’s natural talents lie in sustaining, sheltering, and providing for the material needs of people. They work well in any profession that caters to the masses, be it in non-essential goods such as fashion and entertainment, or day to day necessities like food, hospitality, clothing, and drugs. Their natural ability to network and manage material resources also makes them masters of trade, commerce, and banking. Sales is a natural profession for Merchants, as they have the ability to evoke and shape strong emotions in others. Since most of us are led by our emotions, Merchants generate success by attaching their products to the positive feelings people want to have. This ability is also supremely useful in the entertainment industry, where Merchants excel at creating, performing, and producing popular music, art, and movies.

Merchants are the most temperamental types, and have to learn to manage their emotions if they’re to sustain good health. In extremes, they can even become manic-depressive. They have a social ease that allows them to grease the gears of society and makes them generally popular and well-liked. They also have a great feel for what’s valuable and relevant in pop culture, which makes them trendsetters. Merchants need to pay attention not to seem too glib or disingenuous. Because of their great enthusiasm they may say things that they cannot follow up on, and be perceived as bending the truth by others.

Merchant Dharma Type | Dharma Malas


Merchants are very fond of rituals, like parties, weddings, or spiritual ceremonies. They are guardians to the most valuable things in life because they know how to attract and keep them. From the most beautiful painting, to the most beautiful vidya, or body of knowledge, they work hard to earn and hold the treasures of the world. They also know how to get the most out of their investments of time, money, and energy.

At their core, Merchants feel an emptiness that no objects can fill. This is why they hate to be alone. Ultimately, the antidote for their inner loneliness is CHARITY. Giving and filling others cures the Merchant’s emptiness by filling them with gratitude and blessing. Perhaps this is why so many Merchants turn to entertainment, where they can share  their creative energy with audiences, or to philanthropy, where they donate their time and money to benefit others.

Famous Merchant personalities include: Muhammad Ali, Warren Beatty, William F. Buckley Jr., Bill Clinton, Sean Connery, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Marilyn Monroe, Sean Penn, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Oskar Schindler, and John Travolta



Gems That Make You Shine

Merchant Types most often are born under the influence of the planets Mercury and Moon, which correspond to Emerald, Peridot Green Aventurine and Pearl or Moonstone. Though this is the corresponding gemstone, an astrological birth chart should be taken into consideration to see which gemstones can truly benefit you.

Merchants generally feel validated and happy wearing luxurious gemstones in ornate settings. they truly like shiny and beautiful things and recognize worth and value when they see it.

For this type it is wise to choose high quality and pure gemstones.

The Merchant will also benefit from gems that have a positive effect on the digestive system, stomach, liver, gallbladder, spleen, pancreas and abdominals. A gem often used for digestive health is Citrine which also relates to the navel chakra.

When choosing a gemstone always see how it feels to you and if you are drawn to it. The best and most perfect stone won’t benefit you if you are simply not “feeling it”.


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