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Vedic Gemstone Analysis

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Many cultures understand the remedial application of gemstones – how different crystals can affect your life on a subtle and very physical level if they are chosen just right for you.

Gemstones are a source of specific rays; they absorb a particular planetary wavelength and with that act as a conduit between the planetary system and your body and mind. Every person is unique and depending on where the planets are located in your natal chart shows us which gemstones are most beneficial for you to use.

Vedic Astrology Birth Chart

Crystals are used to ward off negative influences of destiny and to potentially increase the positive influences of planets. Because planets can bring either great luck, health, wealth and happiness, or present obstacles negativity in your life, it’s important to be aware and choose the right gemstones.

The best crystals for you are set by your time, date and place of birth and can be found in your birth chart.

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Find out which gemstones may bring more balance, calm and joy into your life in this information packed 20 minute session with me!